My name is Antonio Daniele Patti, born in 1981 in Sicily, currently living in Lombardy with my wife Gil. I work in digital since 2006.

I started as free-lance creating small sites, blogs and social strategies for restaurants and small shops. Then I worked as project manager in a small communication agency. Since 2008 I’m responsible for the Transport Company of Milan Digital Products.

I’ve a Philosophy degree and a strong passion for communication, technology and automotive. I decided to be a Product Manager because I like to immagine, design, create and evolve digital products. I speak Italian, English and Portuguese.

My studies and my experience let me comprehend business needs, technical requisites and users opinions in an organic and clear way.

For me a digital product is a complex system made by interfaces, functions, data, legal and technical aspects that I always try to dominate. The most important skill that I developed is the comprehension of all the stakeholders involved in Digital Products.

Do you want to work with me? Read about my Product Management as a Service for big companies and startups.

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