Hi, I’m Antonio Daniele Patti. I was born in Sicily in 1981 and currently I live in Lombardy with my wife.

I started working in Digital Communication in 2005 as freelance professional creating webites, blogs and social media strategies for SMEs.
Since 2008 I’m responsible for the Transport Company of Milan’s Digital Products and today I’m open to collaborations as Digital Consultant.

I’ve a Philosophy degree and a strong passion for communication, technology and automotive. I decided to become a Product Manager because I like to immagine, design, create and evolve digital products. I speak fluently Italian, English and Portuguese.

My studies and my experience have provided me an effective and holistic comprehension of business needs, technical requisites, users needs and opinions. I’m a Digital Product Generalist who guides all the specialists to the product success.
Read my articles for understandig more about my experience.

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