🇬🇧 Designing my new Google Reader

Are you one of the last desperate Google Reader users like me?
Don’t worry, you can still read your feeds using other readers and then, Google Reader wasn’t that great service that we think.

I work in digital communication and I’ve three different accounts that I use for my personal branding, for the Transport Company of Milan online buzz, and for the Shopping in Italy news hunting and social monitoring.

Is Google reader enough for me? No it isn’t!

For my job I need an application that browse, save, organize, discover, edit and share contents on my social media and with my social media team.
Does Google reader have all these feature? No it doesn’t, so stop crying and being romantic!


The Google Reader closure gave me the opportunity to think about my feed reader perfect tool. I thought to all my needs as a social media manager, as a project leader and as entrepreneur. Ironically I understood that I don’t need a simple reader, but a Corporate Content Aggregation and Management Application.

I could pay for it, but searching on the web I didn’t find anything useful, so I started designing it on my own.

What you’ll read is function list of an hybrid application that mixes a feed reader, an internal collaboration tool and a social media analysis system.

Following the functions list divided in main activities.

Content browsing

– Create folders
– Create special folders to save the contents
– Tag and colour feeds
– Activate single feed alerts
– Browse contents per tag, folders and specific contents (image only, link only, video only)
– Select the headline content preview
– Gesture to save, send, tag
– Selective contents update
– Highlight the read/unread contents of my teams

Content management

– Create teams
– Share feed, folders and tags with teams
– Post directly on WordPress (quoting the content and linking the source in a RTF editor)
– Share/Post on Tumblr
– Send via mail
– Share on social media (Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn etc..)
– Share on Facebook and Facebook pages
– Share and comment with your team
– Create a draft post where you can aggregate your text and feeds contents
> Share the draft with a team
> Assign the draft articole to a users/team
> Enable collaborative writing and versioning

Content discovering

– Add a feed
– Create a search feed
– Search on the reader feeds
– Search on Google Blog
– Search on Twitter (and all the other “rssable” social search queries)
– Create a Google alert
– Create a new rss search
– Watch Gooole Trends
– Watch Twitter Trends
– Watch your Blog/site entrance keyword

Obviously this application should be available for web and mobile, and obviously one of the most important feature should be the user centered design. Unfortunately I don’t have time to wireframe it, but I already have some ideas that mesh the Google Reader experience with Hootsuite and Windows 8 ones.

The application could have the classic fremium business model. The starting price should be lower than the Hootsuite one because world is full of content managers. 2 eur/month could be enough for the single use, while for the team use the price should depend from the team number.

At the moment I have no time to design more, but if you are a Digital Company, a Startup or a Venture Capitalist, feel free to contact me. This list is just a draft and the first step of my design process.


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