Why a Digital Product Manager must be skilled in User Experience Design?

I work in Digital Communication since 2005. I’ve a humanistic university background but instead of specializing in Contents and Social Media, I’ve always studied technical, graphic and design subjects.

After almost 10 years of experiences, today I can setup and manage an ecommerce like Shopping in Italy; I can film videos like these; I can create a site like the Italia Centro di Capoeira one. Read my resume for having a look of my “technical skills”.

From March of this year, I’m frequenting the online courses of the Interaction Design Foundation, becoming at the same time the European Continent Manager, the Italian Country Manager and the Milan Local Leader.

This post question is: Why a Digital Product Manager must be skilled in User Experience Design?

Because Digital Communication is User Experience and because User Experience is Communication.

From the interface, the colours and the images pleasantness, to the functions simplicity. From the contents readability, to the reactivity of the digital products, everything is User Experience.


Digital Products like sites, apps, cars infotainment systems, connected objects and wereables must have the following characteristics:

– being simple and enjoyable to use
– presenting understandable and pertinent contents
– satisfying the target’s aesthetic needs

For me Interaction Design and User Experience Design are fundamental professional skills for any Product Manager. UXD is necessary like Project Management, Content Curation and Social Media Marketing.

Today, both in B2B and B2C markets, the Digital Products success isn’t based on functions, pricing or advertising. The real success is based on the products usability and the resulting users/customers satisfaction.

That’s why as Digital Product Manager, I’m studying User Experience Design.
I design products, strategies and contents thinking primarily to the final users, and then to the boss or the developers. If you are a Project Manager or a Digital Strategist, I suggest to do the same. Later your work will be really easier and most effective.

Watch on Pinterest some projects and drafts that I shared online instead of hide them in a drawer.


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