🇬🇧 Drivin’ – Car Pooling and Neighbourhood social platform

Drivin‘ is a Car Pooling and Neighbourhood social platform that I designed almost three years ago for sharing car’s rides with people that have similar transportation needs, and for creating a trusted network for empowering the local sharing economy.

I presented the project many times to many developers and Startup events but as usual, being just an idea, nobody cared about it. Actually I abandoned the desire of developing the service because the concept was realized by many many other startups, plus some big companies like Lyft with its Lift Lyne. I sincerely don’t know if these apps are having the success that a service like this should merit. The Instant Car Pooling (or ride sharing) is the real alternative to the private car and to the public transportation but the security issues, the business model and the critical mass needed for creating a real instant service are really big challenges.

By the way, I’m proud that a 3 years old project is still actual and has a lot of potential. All the world’s Transportation Authorities together with the car manufacturer (and Google and Apple) are looking forward for creating the mobility pattern of the future. Not only because of the pollution or the metropolitan congestion, but because cities and citizens have changed their concept of mobility. Because thank to the social networks we have lost anonymity and we trust more one to each other (we know that we are monitored). Because we don’t like to lose time and money for daily commutes. Because we trust that technology could do things that we don’t like to do.

Following the slides of the Drivin’ project that I posted on Slideshare. On YouTube the pitch that I did on May 2013.

Drivin' slide 1
Drivin’ slide 1


Drivin' slide 2
Drivin’ slide 2
Drivin' slide 3
Drivin’ slide 3
Drivin' slide 4
Drivin’ slide 4
Drivin' slide 5
Drivin’ slide 5
Drivin' slide 6
Drivin’ slide 6
Drivin' slide 7
Drivin’ slide 7
Drivin' slide 8
Drivin’ slide 8
Drivin' slide 9
Drivin’ slide 9
Drivin' slide 10
Drivin’ slide 10

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