Digital Product Manager as a Service

The Digital Product Manager as a Service provides a flexible resource to the clients in all their products life-cycle phases.

Writing the functional requisites, defining KPI, testing prototypes and pre-release versions are some of the tasks where, as a service, I can join the product team of a company or a startup.

In comparison with a traditional consultancy, my service is strictly dedicated specific activities that need more resources or an external point of view.

Image of Product Manager as a Service by Antonio Patti

The digital products life-cycle is based on continuous interactions between designers, developers, data and marketing analysts that in some cases aren’t enough for completing all the tasks or for testing the product in an objective way.

My Digital Product Manager as a Service is the perfect solution both for increasing occasionally the resources, and for bringing a new point of view regarding the product.

Contact me and tell me what do you need. I’ll try to help you immediately and then we’ll understand how to work together.