🇬🇧 ANSA’s site UX critical issues

March 26th the news agency ANSA launched its new web site (read the article in Italian).

For promoting a discussion on the IDF Milan group, I analyzed the ANSA’s design and I wrote down a UX critical issues list. But first of the list, I want to declare that I never used the ANSA web site and that beyond all the critics, I think that globally they did a good job, except for the point 4.

1) The header buttons are links to different services, function and sites. They are not coherent and not really visible. They seem graphical elements.

ANSA header


2) The search field is not visible and could be confused with the other icons.

ANSA search field


3) The “temi caldi” is confusing because it’s positioned in the breadcrumb position.

ANSA temi caldi


4) The horizontal browsing buttons are confusing and unusable, they change their function depending on the section that you are visitng. From the home you browse the site’s categories; from the regional section you browse other regions; from the content page you browse other articles/media.

ANSA lombardia




5) The “personalizza” function isn’t clear and not visible. It seems a part of the “Temi caldi” line (see point 3).

ANSA personalization


6) The sharing buttons has a different positions depending on the site’s section.


7) Sections don’t have enough consistency. Sometimes I felt lost.

ANSA home


ANSA tecnologia


ANSA magazine


ANSA foto


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