This Sunday I signed up on Foursquare even if probably I should have signed some years ago. Honestly I’ve never have an account because I hate to subscribe web services that I don’t need, and I didn’t need it until I read about the real time deals in partnership with Groupon.

Groupon in Italy is a sort of mania. I see people that go crazy for the offers and buy things that they never known to want. Foursquare here is used from a really small community that, especially in Milan, is composed from Digital and Communication workers. Ok, they are all good people, but not properly the typical I’d like to spend all my evenings.
Now I think that the Foursquare’s/Groupon’s users will enormously increase and so I’ll have the possibility to find my common friends around Milan.

So, on Sunday I signed up and I searched for contacts using Facebook, Gmail and Twitter adding people without any criteria.

Add him, add her, add its, add them.
I shouldn’t add him!
I’m not interested in meeting him and I don’t want to know where is he.
Hey wait..there’s a paradox!
I’m really interested in his position because in this way I can avoid him or prepare myself to the “casual meeting”.
It’s fantastic!

image of avoid area

Foursquare is the first social network that can be used for antisocial human needs with a millimetric precision. Its better than the participation lists on Facebook and Eventbrite because its preciser and in real time.
Even if the web is going to be social, in the day life we can’t be always friendly. I don’t know you, but absolutely I can’t, so sometimes could be useful to know if in a bar or in a square there’s someone that I prefer avoid.

This is a really concrete, rude and onf line use of the mobile internet (what is onf line?).
I love it!

This antisocial use of Foursquare I think that could be improved with some new functions like:

  • new tagging/attributes scheme for the contacts like “follow” or “avoid”
  • “avoid friend” check-in map with special alert or a new navigation tab
  • places suggestions free of the “avoid friends” (powered of Groupon)

So, what are you waiting for?
Add me on Foursquare!

image property of HowardLake