🇬🇧 In-ear headphones touch gestures concept

During the last years I developed a strange professional syndrome.
Everytime I use an object I analyze usability and functions trying to learn or imaging improvements. Today the interaction between humans and machines is powered by all kind of sensors that can interpret imput like natural voice commands, objects movements, touch and hand free, etc.

Today I want to introduce you my concept for an in-ear headphones touch gestures. As you can see in the following gifs, I imagined to turn the headphones cables in a control device dedicated to the four most common commands used during the music listening: volume up, volume down, next song and last song.

For designing the in-ear headphones touch gestures I was inspired by the “traditional” touch pattern gestures and by the emerging smart clothing technology. I admit even that sometimes during my trainings or in a crowded metro I’d appreciated these gestures because I didn’t have how to switch that shitty song that everyone have on its library.

Following the in ear headphones touch gestures concept.

Volume up: thumb + index finger down on the right cable

Volume down: thumb + index finger down on the left cable

Next track: thumb + index & middle finger down on the right cable

Last track: thumb + index & middle finger down on the left cable
Note 1: I’m almost sure that today we have the technology for developing this kind of gestures on headphones but as a non-technical designer, I can’t tell you nothing about the real feasibility.
Note 2: simulating the touch gestures I pulled away the earphones many times, so I think that this concept should be applied to the sport headphones product design.

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