🇬🇧 The multiverse of multiverses and my NFTs

I approached seriously crypto in 2016 when I was still on time for becoming rich if I had some more money to invest. Unfortunately I went deep on the topic just enough to understand the technical fundamentals and testing some digital and physical wallets.

This year indeed I came back on the blockchain topics when NFTs started to appear on my news feed. So as i did for crypto, I decided to experiment first searching on the web, then reading about this world on Twtter, Discord and Reddit where crypto art and crypto wealth is exploding.

At first I was confused because technical and ethical concepts were mixed with marketing, artistic and money investment topics. Then I created my personal view of NFT and Multiverse that guided me on my Digital Art research.

Multiverse is a digital environment where everyone have a unique identity and the real ownership of what has produced or bought.

Let me explain.
“Multiverse is a digital environment where everyone have a unique identity..” = we will have a multiverse of multiverses but for accessing all of them we’ll have a unique protocol and identity. I still don’t know if the multiverses will be 3D worlds, apps, videogames or community sites, but I’m sure that we’ll have the same digital identity everywhere.

“..the real ownership of what has produced or bought” = digital goods will continue to be replicable and ephemeral, but people will have the certified ownership of something thanks to the blockchain. This means that digital goods will have an economic value that is exchangeable between people and within all the multiverses.

I’m still in doubt of what the Web3 will be. Maybe it will be another name of the Metaverse, maybe it will be the next “regular web” where Metaverse will happen together with the Web2 and the Web1. Who knows.

That said, I decided to start my Metaverse exploration creating some NFTs even if I don’t master visual design.
The scope of my art indeed is experimenting, creating value and expressing complex concepts.


Raw Material NFT is a collection of 132 pixel art reproduction of the stock market commodities. The idea is to create a crypto investment asset that bases its value on the shared knowledge of the raw material market.
Available on OpenSea.

Vitruvian Man 56k is a short video inspired by the “old 56K metaverse experience” (turn on the audio).
Available on OpenSea.


Comic Sans thought on us is the answer to the metaverse written by the most mistreated font of the modern era.
Available on OpenSea.


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